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Main screen of the resume builder Giga-cv app allowing you to create a professional resume by highlighting your skills and experience.

To effectively support your job search, our resume app is available on iPhone, iPad, MacBook, Android phones and Chromebook laptops.

Everything to make your applications a success

A resume app that guides you

Easily fill-in your information in the fields requested by the different screens.

A wide choice of templates

More than 30 professional resume templates for any job, all ATS-compliant.

A tailor-made resume

The layout is automatic but adaptable: font and character size, colors. All is WYSIWYG.

A complete app

Manage also your cover letters and job application emails (examples provided).

A professional resume

Stand out by producing a multi-column resume. Choose whether or not to include your photo.

Get your next interview

Send your applications by mail in PDF format. Print, share, export to drive/cloud.

An overview of resume templates

As the job market is highly competitive, it’s essential to stand out by offering a well-crafted resume that highlights your professional journey and provides a decisive first impression to your recruiters.

All these resume examples have been created using our CV app. You have a wide selection of layouts: classic resume, modern or design resume, simple or minimalist resume, original resume, and more.


Main features

This video shows how to make a professional resume that can greatly enhance your job search and propel your career forward.

Manage all your personal data, positions, career objectives, education, degrees, diplomas, work experience, skills, languages, interests …

Use any of our 30+ resume templates and get a perfect resume for any job or industry. Customize the text of each section and order of appearance on the resume. Automatic addition of bullet points at the beginning of the sentences.

Manage as many cover letters as you want, with signature if desired.

Send your resume plus cover letter by mail (PDF files as attachments) or with job application email. Examples provided, also in generic version, to be completed.

Export your resume/letter contents to the clipboard (for online application websites). Print, export resume in JPG format and share in PDF compatible apps.

Enhance your job applications by running more than 15 complete AI prompts generated by Giga-cv on ChatGPT: more appealing resumes, spell check, cover letter writing, recruiter questions...

In addition to your main resume, create 3 other resumes, yours in a foreign language for example or that of a loved one.

Context-sensitive help, direct access to email support as well as to the App’s blog.

and also...

How to make a resume on iPhone, iPad or macBook?
Our resume app is available to download from the Apple App Store: iOS 11.0 and higher and macOS 11.0 and higher.

And for my resume on my android device or my Chromebook laptop?
Our resume app is also available to download from the Google Play Store: Android Lollipop 5.0 and higher.

. Automatically generate more than 15 complete AI prompts to execute on ChatGPT for improving resumes and job applications.
. Redesign of the "Personal Data" screen to highlight essential information directly.
. Access to help with tips and examples for each screen in the "Content" menu.
. For improved readability, modernization of the 20 standard resume templates.

. 4 new resume templates: the additional pack offers you 12 templates instead of 8.
. 2 new modern fonts for your Resumes: Dosis and Raleway.

. 5 new resume templates, infographic style (iOS version).

. Copy your PDF resume directly to iCloud (iOS version).
. Automatic addition of bullet points.
. Direct access to each text of the resume in preview mode.
. Personalization of the application email (iOS version).
. Many examples of job application emails (in generic version, to be completed).
. Manage up to 4 separate resumes (with choice of language) and backup.

. 8 new Resume styles, integrated in the add-on pack.
. More colors, more fonts (reorganized into global and local ones).
. Adding a QR code on resumes to give direct access to online contents (portfolio, website, project, profile page …).
. 4 different effects on the Resume photo. Original, rounded, square or round.
. Automatic display of the initials, instead of the photo, with different forms.

. New visual interface.
. 2 new sections for the CV: profile and assets.
. Typography: choice of character font for CV and letters.
. Sorting of sections specific to each CV profile

Since 2022, our CV app offers 12 new resume templates, resolutely modern, multi-column, some with icons + 5 new infographic style resumes. These new styles are available in the additional packs, downloadable from the App (in-app purchase).

Find all our resume tips on the giga-cv blog. The following topics are covered: how to make a resume, beginner’s resume, cover letters, internship report, follow applications …


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"Unlike some reviews that I have read, I think that the application is easy to use, but of course you still have to make the effort to get to grips with it (I would say only half an hour to manipulate in the various menus is more than enough to know how to use it). When I had doubts, I contacted help support, who responded within a day. Regarding the price, for less than $5 we have around 20 resume models, so very satisfactory for my part."
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AppStore macOS, 01/2024

"Great application for creating your Resume or cover letter, I recommend 200%!"
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AppStore iOS, 12/2023

"Awesome app, I love it! But how to sync resumes from iPhone to MacBook? Thanks."
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AppStore iOS, 02/2023

"Very good application, which knows how to guide you to create a resume and a cover letter with total care."
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PlayStore, 02/2022

"At the top, a resume that really makes an impression! I've been using it for years in catering and the HR like it! Thank you GigaCV!"
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AppStore iOS, 09/2021

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